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Answers from developers at Grand Finals

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  • “Defender” will not appear on sale soon;
  • There is anti-cheating solution currently in development, which will allow to identify mods. Somewhere around autumn we will begin public tests. We have already launched AT version of site for mods. And in the end we will close /resmods, so it could only be accessed through “approval” ;
  • Trade-in in CIS (RU) is already on its way;
  • With new maps, the development situation is bad. In general, there are new maps currently in development, but the whole developer team is now concentrated on  turning maps to HD. Makarov: I would have introduced another 10 decent maps, but they won’t give me means;
  • We have made new camouflage system and varied it by class.  Now, for at least half a year we will be completing interface. There will be lots of variety with it. No estimation of time;
  • Line of ‘Foch’ and top of its tree rework is already in progress. Everything there is wrong starting with tier 8;
  • The number of arties in games has reduced;
  • There is completely no plans for T-22 sr.;
  • The Chinese server exclusively will receive a unique crew, “Beijing Opera”. Official announcement – next week;



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