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WoWs NA Server – harsher TK consequences

From Wargamings’ very own “Player Experience Supervisor” NyxWGA:

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Greetings Captains!

One of our overall goals is to increase player happiness, and today we are taking another step towards this goal. As most of you know, our in-game team damage system tracks TK’s and player’s may turn pink, but additional penalties do not happen automatically. We know that intentional TK’s cause everyone on the receiving end to have a bad experience. We will now be taking steps to prevent this small group of players from decreasing everyone else’s happiness.

We realize that some folks need that extra “incentive” to improve their behavior. For April, we generated a list of everyone on the server who did any teamkill damage during the month. Players will now begin to receive consequences for appearing on this list. The April list showed 2,343 accounts did some amount of ally damage.

We want to be fair here, and not penalize people for making actual mistakes, or even losing their cool and turning to fire on an ally just that one time on a bad day. In order to receive some sort of consequence, you have to have played at least 10 battles for the month, and have at least 5 TK’s.

Everyone who did TK damage in less than 10% of their battles will receive a warning. Maybe you were learning how to use torpedoes, or just had several unlucky games – we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt.

If you did TK damage in 11% or more of your battles, that signals a problem. Depending on what percentage range you fall into, you will receive a 3, 7, or 14 day ban based on April’s results. Anyone who did team damage in the large majority of their battles will be permabanned, and we won’t be accepting appeals for these. There is simply no valid excuse for that much team damage.

We plan to begin generating these lists, possibly even on a weekly basis, and providing consequences to TK’er accounts. Once you have received a consequence for TK, appearing on a list again in the future, regardless of percentage damage done, will result in harsher penalties.

TK’ers are bad for the game, and bad for your personal gaming enjoyment. Deliberate teamkilling is a bad experience for anyone on the receiving end, so insisting that folks shape up or ship out (pun intended!) should serve to improve (almost) everyone’s overall happiness.

TK is bad, don’t do it, or you will receive consequences!


As official Wargaming posts go, there are a few more interesting comments in this thread:

NikoPower wrote here:

I’ve received a PM about this after posting and I want to let you know that this isn’t a witch hunt for every person that is team killed once on accident. This is going after those who almost make it a habit of doing so. Some that get caught with a warning have an opportunity to learn from it and be more careful. When I first started playing, I was guilty of a couple team kills myself. This came from figuring out torps and so on. So I totally understand the mistake of hitting a team mate. We are looking for those who are our of hand. Some who need some education in a warning or even a time out. We aren’t looking for the mistake players.


NikoPower’s response to someone who asked them to start dealing with bots:

The bots are a separate issue that is being investigated.


NikoPower’s response when someone asked whether the Kitakami might come back into the game:

There are absolutely no plans to bring her back.