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Tier 10 British heavy tank, Chieftain

This vehicle was accepted in service in May 1963 and was produced until 1983. 2265 of them were built in total.

Characteristics for 100 percent crew

Tier: 10 HT
Hitpoints: 2000
Engine: 720 hp
Weight: 55 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,09 hp/t
Maximum speed: 42 km/h
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s
Turret traverse: 31,3 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,247/1,918
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 782,1
Hull armor: 85/50/25
Turret armor: 350/140/30
Gun: 120mm
Damage: 400/400/515
Penetration: 270/310/140
ROF: 7,449
DPM: 2979,6
Reload: 8,055
Accuracy: 0,307
Aimtime: 1,44
Depression: -10/+20



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Q & A 27. 8. 2015

113 getting any armor changes? “I cannot say anything.”

Storm is unhappy with some Russian bloggers and players twisting his words to cause butthurt and discontent.

T110E5 armor is screwed!
“Stop spamming.”

At first WG wanted to model Chieftain Mk.2 but there are none left really, the Bovington one turned out to be Mk.6.


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Q & A 26. 8. 2015

Storm doesn’t like watching WoT videos with commentaries: “What I can read in 2 minutes I have to listen to for 20 mins.”

There is a bug in test 9.10 where XP is counted incorrectly if you leave the battle early, it was already fixed and will not appear in live 9.10.

In the past the events on RU server had the option to – instead of receiving immediately starting premium days for a mission – to receive a bonus code instead so players would decide when they want to start their premium time reward. It’s unclear whether this will return or appear elsewhere.

At some point more pre-war real tanks will be implemented but which ones and when is not disclosed.

Compared to the visual model, the tank armor model is always simplified and never 100 percent corresponding to the visual one.

113 side spaced armor will likely not be changed.

Developers are still investigating the issue where players drop on the same maps over and over again.


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Q & A 25. 8. 2015

Q: “Why can’t you buff 113?!”
A (balance developer): “If we buffed it then Maus would be the worst again…”

Q: “Storm, what was that about the 113 the balance dev said?”
A: “Balance devs have their own sense of humor…”

Storm is considering stopping replying on any questions and only collecting feedback from now on because he is personally fed up with how his words are twisted by players.

More “development future” videos will likely not be produced because when WG then fails to deliver (like the notoriously delayed Havok), players only use it for negative propaganda and whining.

Top player issues according to Storm in order of importance:
1) matchmaker and ending up on the same maps over and over again
2) artillery (complex questions)
3) maps (complex questions)
4) role of armor in WoT

Storm states that in the past the maps were just as “corridory” as they are now.

It will not be possible to tip light tanks over on their roof by large caliber shell explosions but you can do that by ramming or by driving across bad terrain.


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Q & A 24. 8. 2015

The premium vehicle spam is over and the next 11 vehicles to come to the supertest should be regular ones (the Czechoslovaks + one more).

VK3001H in the game has split transmission and engine, hitting transmission no longer makes it catch on fire.

In test 2, Japanese heavies got a massive module HP buff (+45 percent), now the module hitpoints of top tier Japanese tanks corresponds to those of Maus and E-100.

9.10 test 2 Japanese HT stats are final.


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Q & A 23. 8. 2015

More new motion physics tests will come in autumn.

Storm won’t comment on Armored Warfare.
“That game has advantages and disadvantages that can be clearly seen. No need to comment. Plus it could spawn a wave of idiotic rumors.” (Players nag him further to compare the games, he refuses.)

Storm states that it’s impossible to make drastic changes to the game immediately due to development intertia.

Q: “AW solved artillery problems.”
A: “I am really glad.”

There will be changes in artillery in the future, as confirmed earlier.

There is no need for WoT issues polls (as in, what the players consider to be issues in WoT), developers know best what the issues are and player polls would bring nothing new.

Fog of war would suck in random, developers are considering only transferring vehicle ID to the client: players would only see tank types on their and enemy team but not who’s playing, this would make using noobmeter and other such mods impossible.

WG fixes only “very serious problems” using micropatches.

Lowe buff or nerf in near future?
“I cannot say anything.”