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WoT Blitz new mod – Supremacy

WoT:Blitz gets the supremacy mode which we could’ve seen previously in WoWs.

More details, QA and maps:


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Rampage mode is getting removed

“Minding the amount of feedback received, as well as the timespan of Rampage battles being available, we now have a lot of credible data to work with and see in which regards the game mode does not perform as well as it should and why it’s not as popular as it could have been. As a result, we have decided to pull Rampage battles from the game with the upcoming update.”

“Personal missions for Rampage mode will also be disabled. All rewards acquired by completing the missions will naturally remain in the players’ possession. There will be no compensation for missions that have not been completed by the time the two Rampage mission sets are removed.”

“The maps Ravaged Capital and Berlin, which are currently Rampage mode exclusives, will be reworked and reintroduced to the game for rotation in Random battles in the future. ”

“The T-22 medium – the main reward for personal missions in Rampage – will remain on the accounts of players who managed to obtain it before the game mode’s withdrawal. However, the tank will undergo rebalancing with the next update in order to make it more adequate for Random battles and to even out the performance in comparison to its peers in Tier X.”