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9.15.1 Common Test – second iteration

Out in your test clients right now~

Technical Improvements

  • Fixed the issue with the decrease of gamut upon re-entering the game
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to scroll through the vehicle carousel using the mouse wheel after leaving battle
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to repair modules in battle using the mouse
  • Fixed the breadth of the solid aiming circle
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to apply perks and skills from the Crew of the Bat.-Chatillon 25 t AP to all other medium tanks
  • Added support for fractional values of gun elevation/depression angles in simplified technical characteristics
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to adjust the volume of music in the Garage using the slider in Settings
  • Fixed the issue when vehicle markers didn’t disappear from the top panel when the appropriate setting was disabled
  • Fixed the issue where vehicle modules were being repaired after the vehicle was destroyed
  • Fixed the issue where the selected type of shell was not highlighted during the countdown before the battle
  • Fixed the issue where the “Attacking X” icon did not disappear from the minimap
  • Fixed the issue where the numbers of Platoons were calculated for both teams when they should have been calculated for each team separately
  • Fixed the issue where the ammo rack detonation icon wasn’t displayed above the vehicle
  • Fixed the issue where destroyed vehicles were displayed with the Expanded Minimap Features setting enabled
  • Fixed the issue with the missing line break for the “Ready to fire!” command
  • Fixed the issue where the voice chat was activated when the player clicked on a message
  • Fixed the issue with desynchronization of display of vehicle tracks condition after a critical hit
  • Fixed the issue where the volume of music in the Garage couldn’t be adjusted with the music volume slider in Settings
  • Fixed the issue with the disappearance of the vehicle outline when switching from Arcade to Sniper aim
  • Reworked the graphics in the top panel: adjusted the glow of markers for destroyed vehicles
  • Fixed the issue where minimap transparency that was set in the Garage didn’t work in battle


  • Changed the Crew of the Bat.-Chatillon 25 t AP
  • Fixed the issue with the transparent barrel of the T57 Heavy Tank
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect projection of a user-made Inscription on the sides of the Centurion Mk.7/1
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect display of gun models for the MT-25
  • Replaced the old spline textures of the E 75’s tracks
  • Fixed the issue with the missing exception texture for the 113’s camouflage
  • Fixed the angle of the armor plate under the side skirts in the model of a destroyed 113


  • Adjusted the landscape on the Abbey map to prevent vehicles from driving into areas that weren’t supposed to be reachable



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Patch 0.5.8 Public test info

  • The damage counter will include all damage inflicted (fires and flooding included).
  • Turret catapults (Wyoming, New York, etc.) are not ready yet, hence why they aren’t in this patch.
  • Regarding the armour model facelift, here is an example of how they improved it. (The new model follows the ship geometry more accurately). a3520ecf1e6d9b1ef93d864776e00ef2.png
  • Regarding the possible issue of xp farming on forts in bastion mode, they will gather statistics to balance credits and xp rewards. However, this process will take about one or two updates.
  • Here is a list of all the guns that will be able to rotate at 360° after the update (the number represents the turret number, starting from the bow).

Konigsberg    2, 3
Hashidate    1
Tachibana    1, 4, 5
Umikaze    3
Minekaze    1, 2, 3
Mutsuki (A)    1, 2
Mutsuki (B)    1, 2
Mutsuki (C)    1
Kamikaze    1, 2
Wakatake    1
Аврора    1
Diana    1
Novik(A)    6
Novik (В)    8
Storozhevoi    1
Derzkhi    3
Chester    1
Sampson    1
Clemson    1
Wickes    1
Campbeltown    1

  • Forts and ground objectives won’t be permanently destroyed. After having received certain damage, they will be temporarily disabled and will award victory points. They don’t want to explain all the rules of this new mode. They are more interested in the feedback it will receive from the PT, including how easy it is to understand without any previous knowledge.
  • Players won’t be able to opt out of the new game mode.
  • German BB’s are coming in one or two updates. They’re still in development.
  • No upgrade depot planned in the foreseeable future.
  • Ranked battles matchmaker will not be changed with this update. The new rules will only apply to random battles for now.
  • They may give players the option to choose between the new ribbon style or the old one. It will all depend on PT feedback.


  • Tier 3 premium German battleship König Albert added
  • Tier 4 German battleship Kaiser added
  • Tier 7 (premium?) German battleship Scharnhorst added
  • Tier 7 premium USN cruiser Flint added
  • Tier 9 premium USN destroyer Black added
  • Placeholder data for ARP Takao added
  • Ar 196C and Fw 62 spotter planes added
  • Shell data for German battleships added


  • Pretty much every cruiser in the game and a handful of destroyers had their armour models changed (no nerfs/buffs, just more detailed armour models). This is absolutely too much to document, and the changes shouldn’t be very significant gameplay-wise anyway.
  • Yubari: HP buffed (18300 > 18700)
  • Profintern: name changed to Krasnyi Krym
  • Several ships got 360 degree arcs on their turrets, see table below
  • Data added for Bastion gamemode buildings

Miscellaneous changes

  • ARP Takao captain added
  • ARP Gunzou captain added

Text changes

  • They changed the formatting on every line in the game because Lesta hates me

Package changes

  • Models added for new ships
  • Models added for Bastion gamemode buildings
  • Tons of swf files changed. Modders beware.

Here are the ship icons and portraits for the two new ARP commanders.


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WoWs Common Test 0.5.7 info

  • Certain changes (in particular minimap changes) planned for 0.5.7. won’t be implemented until 0.5.8. since they sped up the working cycle and updates are being released faster than previously. As a result, problems found in one patch will rarely be fixed in the following update (For example, when 0.5.6. was released, 0.5.7. was nearly done and they were starting to work on 0.5.8.).
  • Cyclone weather was generally well received by players, that is why they decided to expand the number of maps it can occur on. They will also try other weather experiments in the future. This feature will not happen in Ranked battles.
  • Regarding module upgrades rework, players won’t lose anything (nor modules, nor credits or doubloons). If a module is replaced, players who had it installed will get the new one for free. If it is removed, players will be refunded in credits. They don’t plan to remove and refund all equipped modules.
  • Regarding low-tier IJN cruisers buffs, in 0.5.7, a new module will be available for IJN premium ships with 140 mm guns (for now, it concerns Yubari, Katori and Iwaki) called Gun fire control mod 0. It will increase turret and torpedo tubes rotation speed by 20 %, secondary guns range by 20 %, and reduce maximum dispersion of main and secondary batteries by 40 %.
  • They are preparing PvE prototypes for internal testing (with fort bombardment, etc).
  • Work on matchmaker 2.0 is completed and it has passed internal testing. If all goes according to plan, it should be released in the next update.
  • In 0.5.7., radar and HAS work at full range, regardless of cyclone.
  • No changes to Mikasa.
  • First module slot will include (in addition to the special IJN module) AA/secondaries survivability, ammo magazine survivability, Main batteries / Torpedo armament survivability / protection. USN BBs will also have a module for main/secondary batteries fire range and secondary guns accuracy in the second slot, and a module for main guns accuracy in the third slot (it will have a greater effect than now). No changes regarding the effect for the firing range.
  • Main battery mod 2 increase in loading time is reduced from 10 to 5 %.
  • Changes are planned for the map “Islands of Ice” and for the map rotation.


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The second Common test is up

The second test is now up, the patch notes will appear later when they are on EU portal.

Short summary of them for now:

  • nVidia driver v365.10 is recommended for correct SLI behaviour
  • DX 11 implemented, if your card can handle it
  • Few new dynamic aspects fixed
  • Some technical bugs fixed
  • Type 4 and 5 buffed
  • Chieftain/T95 assigned a premium status
  • Landscapes of about 20 maps changed so the tanks can’t get into unintended spots


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Common test and Supertest technical changes

Common test:

  • Type 4 Heavy
    Top speed (forward): 20 -> 25 km/h
    Terrain resistance: 1.3/1.4/2 -> 1.1/1.2/1.8
    Reload time: 20.8 – >19.8 s
  • Type 5 Heavy
    Top speed (reverse): 10 -> 11 km/h
    HP: 2800 -> 2900 HP
    Turret traverse: 18 -> 20 °/s
    Turret HP: 560 -> 580 HP
    Dispersion from movement (hull): 0.24 -> 0.18
    Dispersion from rotation (hull): 0.24 -> 0.2
    Dispersion from rotation (turret): 0.14 -> 0.12
    Reload time: 17.7 -> 17.1 s


  • Rheinmetall Skorpion
    HP: 1300 -> 1150 HP
    Reload time: 14.2 -> 12.2 s
    Visibility range: 370 -> 360 m
  • Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger
    HP: 850 -> 800 HP
    Turret rotation: 32 -> 27 °/s
    Reload time: 6.6 -> 7.2 s
    Aim time: 2.2 -> 1.9 s
    Dispersion from movement and rotation (hull): 0.18 -> 0.22
    Dispersion from rotation (turret): 0.16 -> 0.12
    View range: 380 -> 360 m
  • VK 45.03
    HP: 850 -> 800 HP
    Turret rotation: 32 -> 27 °/s
    Reload time: 6.6 -> 7.2 s
    Dispersion from movement and rotation (hull): 0.18 -> 0.22
    Dispersion from rotation (turret): 0.16 -> 0.12
    Aim time: 2.2 -> 1.9 s
    View range: 380 -> 360 m


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0.9.14 Common Test 2 Patchnotes

Common Test is up again

Changes in Version 0.9.14 Common Test 2 vs. Version 0.9.14 Common Test 1

Technical Improvements

For a correct comparison of the dynamics on the test server and the live server, you must set correct Field of View, similar to the live server. To do this, go to the game settings, open the tab “Graphics”, and set the appropriate value of the Field of View.

  1. Fixed the issue with an error message that could appear upon minimising the game client.
  2. Fixed the crash of the game client upon loading a map or Battle Training.
  3. Fixed an issue with a disproportionate rectangular shadow displayed under the vehicle.
  4. Missions in the Manoeuvres section will be available for players who registered in the game after the release of version 0.9.10 and who have completed the “Further Research” mission in Recruit Training. Previously, these missions were available for those players who had fought fewer than 50 battles before version 0.9.10 was released.
  5. Fixed some minor issues with the interface.
  6. Fixed an issue with SPG, where in some cases the reticle did not follow the camera

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