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Answers from Q&A session with players at Grand Finals

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  • “We keep eye on Type 59 characteristics. In plans we want some of them to make better” – Murazor;
  • “There is no plans for awards for logging-in into game daily. However there will be similar specials and activiies” – Anton “Evilly” Pankov;
  • “In update 9.19 there will be fixes for some server issues. Update will come out after Grand Finals” – A.Pankov;
  • “There are no plans for changing tanks with prefferential matchmaking. Their battle tiers won’t change” -V. Makarov;
  • “WGFest will happen! We will pick place and time. When everything will be done, we will inform you” – A. Pankov;
  • “There are some questions about mid-tier tanks’ economics. We will investigate and we will fix them” -A. Pankov;
  • “We will soon take Erlenberg out from battles completely. We know about problems of that map” – A. Pankov;
  • “We want to give STB-1 an air suspension. There is such a plan” – V. Makarov;
  • “With introduction of new graphics, we want to optimize it so that FPS would remain same as it was with old graphcis” – A. Pankov;
  • “There wont be additional equipment slots. There will be only one additional slot for ranked battles” – A. Pankov;
  • “We don’t plan to change mechanics of gold ammunition and make a restriction of amount of premium shells in ammunition storage” – A. Pankov;
  • “In 9.19 the perk “Brothers in Arms” (BiA) will work together with perk “Sisterhood of Steel” when in the same crew of a tank” – A. Pankov;



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