Wargaming EU Community Coordinator MrConway wrote today:

Greetings Captains,

We have an important news bulletin for you that you will surely enjoy!

We are happy to inform you that we have taken the next step in our struggle against the unwanted exploitation of our game mechanics through client modifications and outright cheats.

Thanks to our new detection mechanism, we were able to ban all players who were detected using forbidden game client modifications. The ban is only temporary, as we believe that people can change for the better. These bans will however serve as a final warning.

Should a player be caught by the system a second time, the game ban applied to his account will become permanent.

Please understand that we cannot disclose any details about how the system works, for obvious reasons.

At this point, we would like to remind all players that cheating is not cool. Verbal abuse in- or outside of the game is also not cool. If you have been using illegal modifications, please stop immediately, or risk losing access to your account.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this and other topics – leave it on the forums! If you encounter any issues you think are related to the operation of this system, please visit our Customer Support Center!

We would also like to mention that some other server clusters have decided to implement a 24-48 hour “punishment” on top of the ban, during which players are turned brown and all damage they do in battle is mirrored on them. In Europe we decided that this is not beneficial for the general team spirit of World of Warships and could potentially alienate those players in case they decide to stop cheating and go straight.

Action Stations!


When asked what exactly they do consider cheating, MrConway answered:

This initial wave of bans was primarily aimed at players using “aimbot” mods, as we have clearly and repeatedly stated that these are forbidden.

Generally, we consider anything a cheat that changes the way you play the game and gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Now that we have this detection capability, you can expect the rules to become more clearly defined.


Following the announcement of Wargaming Publishing Producer JamesWhite here (the third bit of that posting), the Community Manager of the RU Cluster Vallter_ made another statement here. (Translation by the powers of Google)


A week ago, we warned that the modification of the pre-emption point, as well as its assembly containing modifications are prohibited. Unfortunately, some users continue to use the aim asssist.

We have identified offenders and now applied to them following penalties:

  • In the battle they will have the brown as a color;
  • They receive mirror damage from the damage they do to the enemy (the perpetrators will receive the same amount of damage they inflict).

On Monday, during the working day, these people also receive a seven-day ban. Once the ban expires, they’ll lose their brown color and the associated mirror damage. If they should continue to use prohibited mods or cheats, these sanctions can be expanded up to a permanent ban of their game account.

The definition is 100% accurate. Innocent people can not suffer from this under any circumstances. So the appeal of the punished players will not be considered.

Also, I ask people who meet “brown” violators in battle to follow the rules of the game.

Why we chose such sanctions?

There are two reasons:

1) There are a lot of rumors about the popularity of the aim assist. We want to show that the concerns about its prevalence are greatly exaggerated and give users the ability to see for themselves how often users with such prohibited mods are found in battles. According to our analysis, it is quite rare.

2) Not all of our users to read the forum. We want to show all violators (or offenders) that their use of prohibited mods is detected and that they can not escape penalties.

Source: http://www.himmelsdorf.com/wargaming-takes-more-steps-to-fight-cheats-and-exploitation/