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Q & A 11. 6. 2016

Konstantin Soldatov (Foton64rus) during stream at Amway921:

  • KV-2 will soon come in HD
  • Smokescreen – I can’t say anything…
  • New camouflages are planned
  • It is necessary to redo perks – it is necessary to face this problem and also solve the problem of the game’s high entry threshold
  • Hydraulics to Sweden Strv 103 (with hydropneumatic suspension) will come eventually, you will have to wait for now, not everything is ready – all is in the making and it will be extraordinary

Alexey Ilyin (Inaki) during stream Tank football:

  • Every time the ball in the center appears, it appears at different height
  • The ball are two connected turrets, this technology has been used in 2014 as well

Murazor during stream at Jove:

  • 268 5 is not guaranteed to be a personal mission reward and as such, there are no decisions on the tank yet
  • We are actively look at the statistics and monitoring Grille 15
  • Pilsen map is one of the most balanced maps at the moment

Storm responds to Learn:

  • Evaluating a complex change of the characteristics of ALL the tanks and changes of some of the game mechanics and rules and changes in certain characteristics of individual tanks with shouting: “buffed/nerfed” is, so to speak… extremely foolish
  • Did you know about the bounce mechanics and that it is not taken into account in the blocked damage?
    For me it was a surprise, even though I have played this game for 4 years.
    Why are then such missions as HT-13? How to use the skill to do them? If a bounce from a Borsig is not counted?
    If the projectile we are talking about reaches armour group where penetration would cause damage and ricochets, or bounces it, it will be counted to damage blocked. Cases when hit without damage will not be counted as blocked damage:
    1) The projectile ricocheted off spaced armour or mantlet before they reach the armour group, where penetration would deal damage.
    2) The projectile penetrated the spaced armour, but did not hit the armour group where penetration would cause damage.
    3) The shell didn’t penetrate the track and didn’t reach the armour group where penetration would cause damage.
  • In the first iteration of sandbox, tier ten will be rebalanced, right? And what’s next? Will the tier ten changes come to live server or will you wait for results on the other tiers?
    We will wait for the results on the other tiers.
  • How many tanks are there in the game right now? 400+? Will this come before the Sun turns into a red giant?
  • Storm, don’t you think it’s logical to start balance 2.0 by balancing all tanks that can participate in tier 10 battles?
    There is a certain logic in balancing only tier 10 first as well. We will get to all of the other ones anyway. We don’t have to look at any tanks beside tier 10. Only they will get modified. And what leaked out – it’s incomprehensible stuff / mixture of several old versions of the test.
  • I was interested in removed videos. They were removed after the Rubicon’s ASAP failure and didn’t return until now.
  • Storm, why does sandbox have a separate forum and is it possible to get an invite?
    Well, it’s a separate test. Like betatest. And it’s to not interfere with the rest of the forums.
  • The question is about Pz 5/4 getting transferred to tier 5, and at last changed to a good tank, but I’m interested why guns of Pz 5/4 and Pz IV hydrostat are the same, but the characteristics of the reload and reticle spread are different. Will the characteristics of guns be unified for these tanks?
    No. Such changes for the hydrostat are not planned.
  • Storm, when will sandbox come?
    When it is ready. Wait for the official information.

Vyacheslav Makarov’s Livejournal answers:

  • In my opinion, about half of the stuff that we have on the balance sheet is due to the fact that at the start of the testing we focused on middle tiers for operational reasons. Therefore, it’s desirable to test speed-viewrange-damage on tier 10 and then build, based on this balance, down the tiers. Naturally, the lower tiers will be gradually added to the test. Even ranked battles will be based on tier 10s, of course, so this is important.
  • Sergei Borisych! I really thought that he was on his rocket flying to colonize Mars, but as it turned out – it wasn’t so.
    Rocket launched, yay!
  • Will there be an LT based on E100?



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Q & A 26. 5. 2016

  • There won’t be healing shells.
  • All planned balance changes won’t happen immediately, they will happen on the Sandbox test server, about which the developers have already spoken. Developers don’t want large and abrupt changes on the live server, and will have a plan “B” – if something big and negative happens, it will get fixed right away, to avoid negative feedback. Most likely there will be a place on official forums and Storm’s Livejournal for rebalance opinions, where players will be able to express their views on various aspects of early rebalance, to avoid the initial hate even before the launch of Sandbox.
  • Premium artilleries of tiers 6 – 8 won’t come.
  • As a part of the rebalance of artilleries, some of the achievements will become unobtainable.
  • +/- 1 MM is not planned. Instead, it is planned to get more tanks that are able to fight in a certain battle to the same battle. It is necessary to experiment in this regard. A sort of system 3-5-7, which will be built on the principle of 3-5-7 – 3 tanks of top tier for this fight, 5 mid-tier tanks and 7 tanks from the low tier.
    +/- 1 MM contradicts WG policy with respect to monetization and stimulating the players to reach top tiers.
  • Tanks should have separate roles. Scouts, breakthrough tanks, the second line tanks, the support, some tanks may have several roles. Balance should try to equal the symmetry in tank roles as well.
  • To the players who played an important part in the battle, depending on the type of tank; there is a plan to make a system, where performing right in its role should get you bigger profit in terms of experience and silver. This will be created and monitored carefully.
  • Polishing maps will continue, but it is not a priority. An old worker who created the older and ancient maps (Ensk, Mines, etc.) has returned and is now involved closely in work on all the maps in the game. As a result virtually all the cards are waiting for change. Some big ones, some purely cosmetic.
  • Historical battles, if they come, will come only with bots, bots in this case will be much more intelligent than bots from training, but it is a distant plan.
  • There will be improvements in the training for beginners. Storm hopes so.
  • Murazor is a quite intelligent person who knows how to constructively talk when he wants to. There were fears that cooperation with him won’t be very good, but they turned out to be exaggerated. In 9.15 his work was related to the change in the display of the performance characteristics of tanks.
  • There is thinking over adding fortified areas to company mode. How it will be done – that is not clear. But company mode revival will be tried.
  • New music in the battle – don’t wait for it. Of course, it’s in the plans, but in a very distant future.
  • Sandbox feedbacks will be considered by specialists in the field and the whole balancing department will play, Storm says.
  • Instead of FV215b there likely won’t be Chieftain, but the already mentioned SuperKonqueror – almost the same as 215b, only with the turret in the front. The turret, according to Storm, is very good, Especially from the front.
  • The Chieftain, if it gets implemented, then only as a side branch. Wargaming asks for time to search the archives. If something is found, there will come estimates of how and when will things happen.
  • Asya has not disappeared anywhere, everything works well in Wargaming. She got promoted.
  • The next event on teh global maps will be in August.
  • Bug when the training mode against bots statistics get added to the overall statistics is known about. Unknown when it’ll get fixed, but it’s on the list of fixes.


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Q & A 18. 5. 2016

  • one of the first steps to combat illegal mods is the identification of mods, individual access keys, we’ll see how this works out
  • bots will also fall under this system
  • we’re continuing development on DX11, the optimization factor in 9.15 is good, about 30 %
  • haven’t heard of any plans to change the damage compensation from allies
  • forget about WoT 2.0 for now, it will come in due time
  • hidden statistics – some will come very soon
  • moving trains will not come, would eat up too much resources
  • 2nd season of personal missions won’t come soon, it isn’t even planned yet
  • even if there are to be limits for gold ammo loadout, those would come in global rebalance, but they are unlikely

Storm answers on livejournal:

  • I don’t quite understand why there is sometimes no difference in terrain passability between hard and medium terrain, but a difference between medium and soft? Type 5 is too fast on soft terrain, but Type 4 is too slow, while having a difference of 0,5hp/t? can you elaborate?
    Ican’t, this is not my work
  • T54 ltwt nerf is really scrapped?
    Yes, really
  • When is 9.15 planned to release?
    When everything’s ready
  • (about Grille15 crew retrain) why can’t players choose to retrain or recieve compensation?
    Nothing like this was done before, we’re doing it as always
  • Is it so hard to just drop the perks?
    No comments
  • Will gold for WTE100 camo be returned?
    Camo will be transferred to Grille
  • What is the reason for STA-2 DPM nerf?
    The buff to other stats
  • Sniper view x16 and x25 will be implemented, but what if some players find x25 to be too big? can he choose between x16 and x25?
    We’re discussing it
  • 112 price is being lowered, any compensation?
    No, compensations are not being applied here

Murazor answers:

  • Is the question about 112 stats somehow inconvenient? Or you just don’t know? You answer a load of questions about the Pershing gun, but not about the 112?
    You know what’s happening with the 112, such a decision was made internally, maybe something will change in the future


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Q & A 27. 4. 2016

  • Q: The patch note has information regarding buffed premium tanks. Are there plans to buff penetration rate of linear analogues in the same way?
    A: All 88/56 will be buffed. No plans for 50mm at the moment.
  • Q: Why have you decided to replace WTE100?
    A: Breaks gameplay at the tier. Historically inaccurate. Inconsistent Tech Tree.
  • Q: Why does Grille 15 have such gun constraints? It would be more consistent to make fully traversing turret taking into account previous vehicles.
    A: To tell the truth, the previous vehicles shouldn’t have had fully traversing turret.
  • Q: Are there any plans to enhance hull traverse for TDs making them more similar to other tanks?
    A: No such changes in 9.15.
  • Q: Will you stop writing about the excellent and outstanding armor of T-22 med.? It gets penetrated even when angled.
    A: This tank performs in brawling 2 times better than any other MT of Tier X.
  • Q: Is there any confirmed information regarding T-22 med. nerf?
    A: The final amendments will be made during the Public Test, which will be announced soon. I’m reluctant to confirm any stat changes of T-22 med. because they are preliminary.
  • Q: Could you please tell whether Polish tanks will be introduced in 9.15 or not?
    A: No, they won’t be introduced in 9.15 patch.
  • Q: Are there plans to introduce other than Rampage mode allowing to research tanks up to Tier 8-9 without adverse impact on the statistics?
    A: No such plans at the moment.
  • Q: Please, reveal the mystery: are you going to introduce any gameplay novelties in the future? Except rebalance of SPGs. Could you please tell us about distant prospects in long time lag? Even if they are still up in the air.
    A: In 9.15 – no.
  • Q: Have you developed new features like garage filters completely from scratch or have you used existing codes from mods in any way?
    A: We’ve developed the features from scratch.
  • Q: Are there any plans to introduce a filter showing tanks, which have matching battle tiers when we create a platoon?
    A: No.
  • Q: Can’t find shell velocity in extended tank stats. Will it be added?
    A: Not all stats were added at the moment. Though, this stat was not planned to include to in-game stats as far as I remember.
  • Q: What about other parameters: dispersion due to hull traverse, turret traverse? Will those parameters be displayed in the Garage in extended stats?
    A: At the moment, no. In the future – maybe.
  • Q: Will tanks be restrained to climb hills so easily? It looks like they are able to face any slope.
    A: Sadly, no.
  • Q: I didn’t get whether the game was optimized or DX11 supports itself provides 30 % better performance. Or these are just rumors?
    A: The rumors are correct. A huge work was conducted regarding engine optimization, which along with DX11 support grants better performance.
  • Q: Do we need to update video card drivers or the boost of the performance will be noted after the patch is released?
    A: It is strongly advised to update video card drivers.
  • Q: The same goes for AMD cards?
    A: Yes, of course.
  • Q: So, is there a cooperation of video card manufacturers? Like they have optimized their drivers for your engine? Or is the advice intended for people who still used WDDM drivers under WIN7 and have never visited website of video card manufacturer?
    A: In this particular case there was no cooperation. Yes, the advice is intended for users who use default Windows video drivers and haven’t ever downloaded the original drivers made by video card manufacturer.
  • Bug with freezing client on Fisherman’s Bay map will be fixed in 9.15.
  • There is no information whether XP bonus for platoons, based on tier played, will be introduced in the final version of 9.15 patch or not.


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Q & A 13. 4. 2016

  • parameters (penetration) of the German 8.8 cm will be changed, it is not known when, yet
  • These are the highest priority issues to fix in the game – matchmaking, artillery, balance of tanks, and certain gameplay mechanics. Then there is also technical debt: performance, real multi-threaded rendering, vegetation, etc.
  • the current projectiles distribution probability in reticle is not guaranteed to stay in the game (this might affect for example derps)
  • the difficulties that have appeared in the development of bigger maps – no solution for slow tanks. It is not possible to create a sufficient number of big maps so that the slow tanks have an impact on the game. There are performance issues on slower configurations
  • there won’t be a department of WG created that would deal with illicit modifications, check them for validity and gave the modders a digitally signed certificate. Storm: “These will get hacked the day of the release. But of course, eventually we will have to join this “policeman and criminal” competition. To at least some extension these modifications will be limited
  • the changes won’t be limited to cosmetic changes, such as nerf penetration, the plans are for more serious changes
  • the Rampage mode has fewer players than CWs or Strongholds. Also it has problems with profitability – the players got used to high income in testing sessions and demand that to stay
  • “Matchmaker”is being completely remade, “from the scratch”. You will see it during this year, it will be completely new, with a completely different approach. It will use a better formula to balance battles. Storm: Matchmaker is a completely separate entity. You don’t need to rewrite the entire game to change it.
  • there were complaints about more ammo rack critical hits against T26E4 SuperPershing, but they weren’t confirmed, nothing has changed in statistics
  • 9.15 patch release date (before or after 9. 9. 2016) will depend on the test results of the common test
  • no plans to improve the stabilization of an 85 mm D-5T-85BM gun of T-34-85
  • tracks on tanks as a collision model won’t be added, if they weren’t added during the HD remodel. If developers feel they are needed, they add them, if not, they don’t. At the moment, there’s nothing planned to change about the alread HD remodeled tanks in this regard
  • side skirts will be added to collision model of some tanks (e.g., E 50, E 75 and Tiger II) if they are already in HD. If they are in SD, they will get it during HD remodel.
  • Statistics were checked for difference in winrate of the “Himmelsdorf” map sides. No significant differences were found. Maps shouldn’t be completely symmetrical.


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Q & A 11. 4. 2016

Leaving out the stuff from mini digest:

  • Storm, what about the T110E4? Its ammorack is too vulnerable!
    What should’ve happened to it, if we didn’t change it at all?
  • I’d like to know some deadlines, will 9.15 come before 9th May (Victory Day) or after it?
    It all depends on results on the public test
  • We want that you play your own game, not the Ivan and Vlad from QA; that you sit together with SerB and Makarov and Kislyi and drive some thousand battles
    Why me, exactly? there is no point in me playing actively
  • Mikhail, no need in making a global rebalance, you can’t do it 100% and there will be another fail, please start with matchmaker and maps
    Matchmaker and maps will come, along with rebalance
  • Isn’t it easier to do everything from scratch? Or at least not from pure scratch, but at least use the experience of the PS4 team
    No sense in that, there aren’t that much changes and they fit well into the current architecture
  • Mikhail, i have following thought: earlier, when SerB was at the steering wheel (or whoever he was), he didn’t listen to whining players and everything was all right more or less, now every patch is like a hurdle. and now, the global rebalance on basis of player opinions. you should start with smaller things, like the matchmaker.
    Both things will come, we’re trying our best to make it right
  • Many people ask for +-1 balance, because many vehicles suffer if joining higher tier matches. why don’t you implement at least some parameters which depend on battle tier?
    Most certainly not, this breaks the point of grinding
  • What I want from the rebalance, aside of the buffs/nerfs of certain tanks, is a general solution on medium tanks, since there are just too many tier 10 and also tier 9 in battles
    No comments yet, we’re working on it
  • I’d like a different mechanic for the spall liner so that it cuts artillery damage on non-penetrations by a certain percentage, is this possible?
    No difficulties in that
  • TDs are currently the easiest class to get into, they usually have about 1.5x more damage than MT/HT
    No confirmation of this
  • T-22 is a good tank, but not imbalanced
    Sadly, it actually is, judging by statistics
  • There are premiums for (alpha-, beta-, current testers), will there be tanks for creative people (modelers etc.)? Or is this group too small to consider?
    Now this is a first-timer; we didn’t regard anything like this yet, since there were no inquiries and we don’t know anything about the target audience
  • Will there be a rebalance of other non-researchable vehicles? Some of them stand out statistics-wise
  • Can a feature of a rival game be realized? They have dots in their artillery sight, which show very well where the shell can land
    It’s easier to just implement the Battle assistant mod
  • I’m interested in your opinion if the 15th missions for the Object 260 are adequate?
    Can’t say anything, I’m not an expert in that
  • 9.15 will contain fixes regarding tipping over
  • Newbies are not allowed to get the “Province” map, even the hated “Mittengard” is better for them

Storm’s comment:

  • IMHO, the parameters of vehicles and game mechanics should be… but stop. We’re on this for 5 years already. Mikhail, please don’t go ask Slava. Go ask Viktor and ask to assign you 2 hours each day to play the bloody game. How can one explain parameters and game mechanics to a person who plays 47 battles in a year?
  • Goddammit people, I am already tired of this… I have a person sitting in front of me who has 40k battles, and another one next to me with the same amount, a third one is nearby with 60k battles. In Minsk, there are some people sitting who have 40 – 60k battles too.
    When I answer these questions, I want to know YOUR opinion on the problem. Practice shows that this opinion can vary VERY much. So I want to see the whole extent of these opinions.
    It’s not about saving the game, it’s not about my bloody opinion. It’s about YOUR opinion.
    Maybe we missed something, maybe we look in the wrong direction, maybe an interesting idea slips by unnoticed. These questions and discussions are kind of like a brainstorm. They are always very beneficial, you can’t even imagine to what extent they are. How this expands our narrow developer mind which is quite skewed because we see the game “from the inside”.
    I could also put Murazor in my place and do these questions – will you accept his answers? His battle count is okay, he’s sitting and playing. Or do you not want his answers because of some other reason?
    Sorry, got a bit sidetracked here…

Source: (with the last bit ad-libbed quite a bit, because it gave very little sense)