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Matchmaker and battle tiers

Battle tiers in 9.18kyizik1cfvm

уровень танка – tank tier; тип танка – tank category; уровень боя – battle tier.
лёгкие – lights; средние -mediums; тяжёлые – heavies;  ПТ-САУ – Tank Destroyers; Арт_САУ – artillery.



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Wargaming working on WoWs improved matchmaking

Some news about matchmaking from the Russian forums. Source

The post starts with a poll about whether the matchmaker should take into account players’ skill. As of now (12 May 00:00), about 70 % say no (from a total of about 100 voting players).

However, the important part comes from Vallter_, who responded to the thread. Apparently, a fairly large survey is being conducted on the Russian cluster where players are randomly chosen before a battle to take part in it. Then, after said battle, they are asked to rate the matchmaking. These answers, along with several other details (team composition, maps played, etc.) are transmitted to WG analysts, who examine the data. In brief, they are collecting data to see how to improve the matchmaking for most players.

They are fully aware that the matchmaker is far from perfect and are working on improving it. By doing this survey, they wanted to understand better what to change precisely and what shouldn’t be made worse.

However, a player raised a valid concern. He suggested that the survey be made before the battle begins since players are heavily affected by emotions after the battle ends.

To this, Vallter_ responds that, for now, they can only give out survey at the end of a battle.

Divisions are also affecting the matchmaking in some weird way (one team having more ships than the other). That is why they plan to accurately fix division balancing.