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Upcoming WoT patches

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Next full-size patch in World of Tanks will be 9.19.1, then 9.20 with graphics update and in autumn, special ”Recurrent activity” awaits. As for Individual Missions 2.0, they are scheduled for winter… But it is still too early to announce these, since it’s all still far away, although developers said IM are 80% ready. For now let’s stop at patch 9.19.1.

Approximate release dates for RU server:

  • Preparation of news from WG – June 13th;
  • WG’s official announcement – June 14th;
  • Release of Supertest –  June 15th;
  • First itteration of public test: June  21st (22nd);
    Second day is  planned as reserve day;
  • Second iteration of public test: June 28th;
  • Update release: First half of July of year 2017;
    Accurate date to be confirmed later;

Features of update:

  • Buff of researchable vehicles of USSR tech tree;
  • Buff of premium vehicles, including USSR ones;
  • New reworked personal rating;
  • Complex fix;
  • And others;

Full patchnotes will appear later.



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