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WG EU testing missions

On EU two missions appeared – Jackpot for 3 days of premium and Millionaire for 1M of silver. Both need 35 wins until 26th of May.

Support info:

“I would like to inform you that the missions, which you have mentioned, were released by our marketing team as part of a test campaign. It means that not every player is going to receive them.

Each player who gets such a mission, will be able to fight for additional prizes in-game.

Unfortunately, as mentioned before due to the fact that this campaign has been released only for test purposes, we can not give you more information on how to obtain such missions,

However, if it will receive positive feedback from our Tank Commanders, it might be put to the game and be accessible for every player.”

There is currently no info about what key was used to give out these missions or their type – the guesses are it either being random or based on account length so far.