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Open alpha test of website

On the 23rd of May the open alpha test of portal for mods begun.

It is not the official release, site was launched with minimum of necessary functionality, so it could run properly. For now it is only Russian site, but there are plans to make English version aswell. Site has mechanism to check mods, which consists of two stages: Pre-moderation and Quality Assurance testing.


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ActionScript change on Supertest

WoT on Supertest tests ActionScript 3. Most, if not all, flash / UI mods working on live server based on ActionScript 2 will thus stop working when this change goes live, until the mods are fixed.


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Mortar mod

A new mod for arties appeared and caused much disturbance. Tried to gather some data and explanations. First, the video:

The principle in a nutshell (the image is for cricket, but in simplified ballistics it is very similar):

Basically to reach any point aside of 45 degrees (maximum reach), you can pick two trajectories – one shallow, fast one and one tall, slow one.

The mod calculates the tall trajectory, which the game doesn’t use (from the principle itself the game has to calculate it as well, it just doesn’t use it, the players would choose from two trajectories then) and then points the gun to it.

The advantages are clear – you can shoot with taller trajectory.

The disadvantages are less clear, but are there – your flight time is longer and your accuracy decreases (because the shell travels more than twice the distance – in the video it seems pretty precise, but I suspect it’s a carefully picked video from many matches, to make it seem better than it actually is – for more sold copies). It also can’t be used with all artilleries – you need an arty with decent elevation already or use slopes (or both) – there is the reason the video uses T92, an arty which already has 65 degrees of elevation. If you try this on different arties, the results likely won’t be as good.

All in all, it’s probably not a cheat (as everyone seems to think), because you can reproduce this behaviour even without the mod, but it certainly gives an advantage that is bannable at the moment. Wouldn’t recommend buying it for what it’s worth at the moment – if you want to pull off this stuff for CWs, just pick a training room with a friend, get a reliable spot for your arty with enough slope, so you can reproduce it reliably later, and try to hit the usual target with corrections.