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9.15.1 features

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Updated sounds:

  • HE shell damage near a tank: Added sound effects for HE shell damage to the tank when taking splash damage (damage caused by fragments).
  • There is a voice message about the destruction of an ally now: After the destruction of an allied tank during a battle, there will be a warning sound about this. If several allied vehicles are destroyed at the same time, only one sound is triggered.
  • Added 3D audio for enemy spotting: Now you will be able to determine the direction in which the enemy tank was spotted.
  • Increased the variety of suspension sounds for tanks with powerful gasoline engines.
  • New sound preset – “Bass enhancement”: For lovers of deep bass sound there is an opportunity to change the audio content of the game to better suit their tastes.This preset runs independently of the player’s audio device, including speakers on laptops.

New minimap prototypes

Replacement of the Lorraine 40 t with the Bat.-Chatillon 25 t AP

New HD models

More info on the features, Lorraine switch and armour changes:


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