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WoWs Q & A 11. 7. 2016

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  • Q. Are German BBs still planned to be released during Gamescom?
    A. At the earliest, they will go into production-testing in the next update. After that, we’ll see.
  • Q. Will Flint remain the final reward during for all seasons or will it change at some point?
    A. In the short-term (two to three seasons), the final reward will remain Flint.
  • Q. If I recall, bastions are equipped with 40.6 cm SK C/34 canons, right? Is it a reference to the upcoming German BBs? And will their characteristics change along those of the H-class guns (if changes are made to them, that is)
    A. Bastion canons characteristics are set solely on balance reasons, without them being tied to other weapons.
  • Q. In reference to your (or was it you?) last statement about the fate of Cleveland, some players started to fear that the US light cruiser branch was abandoned and that we should not expect it anytime soon. Or could you build one without Cleveland?
    A. No, we haven’t abandoned it. We have the desire to clean up cruiser lines and generally work some more on the existing lines (maybe add a new branch, adjust the tier of a ship, etc.). However, we’re currently not working on this since we have quite a lot of work with the next few updates.
  • Q. When you released the Soviet cruisers, there were high expectation for the top ship, Moskva, in regards to how similar ships would fare in the game. Did she meet your expectations? And will you add Stalingrad or Alaska?
    A. Moskva is a good ship. I can’t comment on unreleased new ships.
  • Q. I remember developers promised to release four new branches this year. Currently, only one has been released, one is soon to be released, and about the remaining two, we haven’t heard a word. Do you intend to keep it a secret for long or will you tell us to wait and see?
    A. In a video, we promised two lines. As far as I can remember, JamesWhite said on a stream that there may be 3 or 4.
  • Q. Are you happy with the ramming mechanics? Logically speaking, it doesn’t make much sense.
    A. Yes, we are happy with it. We could make it more complex but it is very low on the priority list.



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