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AMX 65t


The first of a new line of heavy French tanks. On Supertest it has 190 mm frontal armour on chassis and 250 mm frontal armour on turret – unexpected values for French tanks. This heavy tanks is tier 8. During testing, it will become clear which technical parameters will change, but it will remain well armoured. After this piece, in the near future, there will come tiers 9 and 10.


Tier 8
1400 HP
25 °/s hull rotation
28 °/s turret rotation
360 m view range
40/20 km/h maximum speed
257 mm standard penetration
400 HP alpha damage
0.4 m accuracy on 100 m
2.7 s aim time
13.2 s reload time



4 thoughts on “AMX 65t

  1. You got hull and turret traverse the wrong way around


    • Thanks, correcting. I never understand their ordering of parameters~


      • Just learn the Russian letters. Even if you dont understand the words you would be able to tell that ‘шасси’ is pronounced ‘Shassi’ which is remarkably similar to chassis :)


        • I know azbukha (learned it at high school, and even though I didn’t study further, I understand a lot, being Czech), just skimmed over it too quickly and missed it, because I assumed – wrongly – that the order would be with chassis first w

          Laziness doesn’t pay out =w=

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