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Sandbox Q & A 15. 6. 2016

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  • Will Sandbox be permanent or only for the balance 2.0?
    It will appear each time we will need to make big changes.
  • How many players will take part in the sandbox? What are the plans in this regard?
    At this point we can not say exactly how many people will participate. But what we want to achieve is to have a limit of people online (about 5 000 people online). It will be more or less one patch a week, maybe a bit less in the beginning. We need to implement these changes very swiftly without large patches.
  • How do you plan to keep 5 000 people on the server all the time? You want them somehow to motivate?
    The first motivation is the same invitation to participate in the testing of new, better features. We don’t want to force players to farm as in the case of missions for T-22. The structure of players is based on the concept of charity, we believe that maintaining the 5 000 people from all over the world is no problem for us.
  • What is the purpose of such enormous changes? Is it just to get rid of the corridor maps and to balance the global game more?
    Yes, exactly. We also want to receive consistent information from the players, whether the changes are going in the right direction. We have a lot of ideas, but we want you to be verified on a regular basis and stopped if we go wrong.
  • When will the server appears? Will we be able to throw the contents that appear there on the internet? Are changes to MM for the purpose of testing? I’m afraid there will be trolls and problems to find concrete tanks in teams.
    We don’t know yet how it will look with streaming. On one hand we have a special client with limited access, on the other hand, however, this is a public server, so there shouldn’t be restrictions, but we have to ask the people above. We are not only focused on the tier 10 tanks. We want to focus on the game at high tiers first, on e-sport battles in the future. If we see that the game is good on high tiers, then we’ll descend to the lower tiers. It will be easier to balance vehicles, testing them in this way tier after tier.
  • How many tiers will initially be on the test server?
    In the first version there will be only tier 10, in the second tiers 8 – 10.
  • Will there be experiments, any spontaneous, risky ideas that won’t necessarily appear in the game? Will everything tested be planned to enter the game?
    We are trying to introduce about 70 % of changes from the sandbox to play. However, this work of our publishers should have people aware that this is an experiment, and everything could change.
  • Will arty be able to pierce paper tanks?
    Yes, you will pierce paper tanks and tanks without the roof, there will also be 10 caliber rule
  • Will the system of rewarding XP also change?
    We changed the system for rewarding XP, but first we need to focus on gameplay, and then we’ll work on XP. We are working to keep XP levels at a similar level as it is at the moment, despite the different results after the patch.
  • Will players be rewarded for playing in the sandbox?
    The mere invitation is the prize. You will have a rare opportunity to see it all “backstage”, is it not enough motivation?
  • What will be the criteria to enter the Sandbox?
    The main criterion is to have at least one tier 10 vehicle. The choice of players depends on various factors in various successive iterations (versions) of the test, so there will be different players invited.
  • So the people invited to the first iteration do not necessarily have to be invited to another?
    It may be so, but there is no specific reason to change players, unless there’s too many of them.
  • Will there be any attempt to experiment with+ -1 matchmakingi ?
    We will not be testing MM + -1. However we will improve the matchmaking system. We will, simulated MM draws, for which you don’t need to players. In any case, for the changes we need to find a balance between the wishes players and the fact that we are still here to do work.
  • How will players be able to leave their opinion on the sandbox?
    We will collect support in two ways: separate forum for participants (in English), divided into four regional sections. Each section will have a CM (Community Manager) who will be collecting the data. In addition, the WG support center will have a separate department for the sandbox, so you can report the matter with tickets. Then we will have direct information into the system, which will speed up the work. Besides, once a week we will send mailings to the players with questions regarding the sandbox, which you can answer. And of course a huge impact on the game will be statistical data, more accurate than ever before.
  • Why did you start from tier 10, not 1? It was overlooked the longest.
    It’s because we focus on the endgame, CW, electronic sports. We want to give players more opportunities to play after getting to the tier 10, perhaps a little remake of company battles. Low tiers are passed quickly and you forget about them.
  • Are you trying to test all the different changes on the principle of “what would it do, if we reduced the visual range to 200 m,” a little blindly, experimenting with effects and hoping for success?
    The answer can be broken down into two parts: Balance 2.0 is tested and is in the stage of pre-release (before launch), while the sandbox is another matter. It is designed to test a variety of possible solutions. Of course, we are a business and we have to act in accordance with it, so we will introduce a prepared, thoughtful messages to testing. Community expects and wants change, and this is the main reason to start the sandbox.
  • The first leaks are real or made up?
    Leaks and their source are unknown, but statistical data are from the very beginning, the first experiments with the sandbox. Developers themselves don’t quite remember how long ago – it is better to wait for official changes before entering the sandbox.
  • Balance will be mainly based on player feedback, on the overall statistics, or a mix between?
    The main objective is to verify the feedback of all the players without changing specific vehicles. When we manage to balance the game, we get positive feedback on its complete shape, then we will repeat it all with other vehicles and functions, if something goes wrong, it will return to an earlier stage to improve everything. It won’t fun as in buffing / debuffing single vehicles, but making the whole game appear.
  • Will all the changes be introduced at the time WoT 2.0, or gradually?
    Everything will be introduced at once, because there is no other possibility. If any of the options will be needed to adjust, we’ll do it on the fly.
  • Do you considerchanging the system of how  premium ammunition works in the Sandbox?
    All types of shells will be slightly altered to see how it affects the game. Each player will receive, for example, 500 Gold to his account to test the gold. We will limit the purchase of gold ammunition for silver to collect the most accurate statistics.
  • Can only statistics of tanks be changed, or something else as well? For example, some argue that the + -25 % RNG is way too much.
    We will change damage, maybe a few other things, but the concept and operation of the RNG surely won’t change in the sandbox. We have other mechanics to balance the game.
  • If I’m not mistaken, players’ progress will be synchronized with accounts from the main server, so all of their vehicles and credits will appear in the sandbox. Will you be able to earn credits and XP on the test server, and will these achievements  be transferred back to the main servers?
    Progress will not be synchronized with the server. We want the players not to focus on the economy, but on balance. We want to give players the opportunity to play freely, so as not to distract them.
  • What about about the team battles and e-sport.
    Players who play in these modes can easily cope with the changes, so I think this will have little effect on the game and the balance of power in the leagues. For WGL these changes may be good, some players really like change and adapting to them.
  • What about MM? Will there be any changes?
    Sandbox will not have any changes in MM, there will be other instruments that will take care of picking teams and vehicles. Nevertheless, some changes in the MM take place now and we can experiment with them.
  • Is the sandbox is ONLY for rebalancing vehicles, anything else?
    Sandbox was launched only for balancing vehicles, but if we want in the future, we can test different concepts, develop their functionality.
  • What is the workflow of the changes?
    If something seems good in the sandbox, it will be introduced on the server.
  • How long will testing in the sandbox take?
    There is no specific date of completion of the tests. We’ll be working on it for some indefinite time.
  • Will this return the characteristics of specific nations? Accurate Germans, alpha Russians? Today it’s difficult to say that accuracy is a big advantage, because there is gold and different distribution accuracy from before.
    We have a lot of tanks in the game, this project of “national characteristics” can no longer be continued, we prefer instead to adapt vehicles to their roles on the battlefield. We want to introduce the technical characteristics of the vehicle to the game so that scout is fast, but does not live long in the heat of close range battle, etc.



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