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Q & A 30. 5. 2016

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With Slava Makarov

  • As for the problem with platoons of tier 10 artillery and tier 8 LTs – it’s still undecided, but personally I am in favour of removing the artillery option to platoon!
  • I looked at the statistics. Artillery platoons are part of the balance problem. As long as they are here, it will be a mess.
  • Writing a new balancer is the top priority. And modeling an algorithm based on the numbers of different types and tiers in the game seems to be having a problem with arty platoons.
  • The most interesting thing to me – what is happening with 50vs50?
    We played the prototype. Prototype seems OK.
  • LT platoon may come out and say – tier 9 HT with tier 7 LT will receive a permanent penalty. That’s not fun for them.
    This will get repaired only by changing LTs as a class and the emergence of usable tier 10 scouts. This is planned as part of the rebalance. We have very long discussions regarding this. There are problems with the balance of tier 10 LTs, but it can work in the role model.
  • The average player can do Orlik’s medal in tier 8 LT, what will happen with Bulldog and Ru at tier 10?
    Well, one option is to change the classification of the whole class, MT can be a scout, too.
  • Have you gotten the tier 10 LTs over all these years? I mean, will we wait for them long in case they get introduced?
    Pasholok has them.
  • The arty influence should get bigger, including through the reworked mechanisms.
  • Artillery platoons are not necessary.
  • Artillery platoons are such a big problem that they appear in as many as 5 % of battles. Urgent decisions ahead! Nobody mentions the fact that maps are shit, LTs are dead, 3 tanks in the whole game have armour and the stupid 25 % random spread.
    What urgent decisions are you talking about? The only urgent stuff being done is the complete rebalance.
  • Well, then start working on the maps!
    The maps are also in the plans to get fixed.
  • T-64 won’t come to WoT.
  • Didn’t you consider limiting the arty platoons to below three pieces?
    We did. It’s not necessary. It’s a burden. Plus, it doesn’t solve the gameplay issues. Two synchronised artilleries, if they were successful before, will simply destroy any two unsynchronised artilleries. You can of course pile up the burdens, but it’s easier to not overcome difficult problems heroically and simply remove them completely.
  • I’ll get to 15×15 randoms, count the problems and work on fixes!
  • Veider wrote about Czechoslovaks that they are not imbalanced? What will be the rebalance process in this case?
    They are good tanks, but overall not imbalanced. At the moment I can fix a hundred minor balance bugs or work on balance 2.0. Guess what I chose!
  • And how will personal missions work for LTs and SPGs and everything?
    System of personal missions will get a rework.
  • The last two patches we are gradually improving.
  • Where were you and other people during the test two years ago, when it was still possible to fix something, not getting stalled on Rubikon?
    I wasn’t allowed into tanks, sorry. They allowed me to get back to work in January.
  • The last two years the game was developed by people who have since left Wargaming, meaning there is no way to ask them.



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