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Q & A 28. 5. 2016

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Stanislav Kargin (veider) – Game Designer of WoT answers streamer T_killa aka Tenb_

  • 268 5 won’t be in any branch, can’t say more.
  • New maps are developed, I saw the new ones, they seem good.
  • There was a rumor that totally all of us play DotA, it’s not true.
  • AMX M4 mle. 49 will be sold.
  • Statistics on Grille 15 already fell down by 3rd day. Win rate is now at 49 %.
  • Rumors about the Czechslovak tiers 9 – 10 being wildly imbalanced are false.
  • New branches in the current nations are in plans.
  • ISU-130 (a tank for moderators and volunteers) will be buffed in the next patch.
  • A solution on LT8 – SPG10 platoon (platoon bonuses and penalties) is already in solving!
  • Chinese tanks are doing well, it’s just people rejecting them. According to statistics they are all doing good, especially the MTs. But the tanks play peculiarly.
  • There are plans to flatten Prokhorovka map, but not by much.
  • Maps Konigsberg and Minsk, I don’t know about them.
  • Type 59’s statistics hasn’t changed much since its withdrawal from the store.
  • First aid kits and repair kits working like in WoWs – it is an option being considered.
  • The ability to remove 2 – 3 – 4 maps for yourself (map picking) is n option that’s with us all the time, but no decision on it, it has its pluses and minuses.
  • When rebalancing artilleries, we will take into account the problem of dominance of TDs, we will monitor it and react immediately.
  • Swedes will come until the end of the year, they will have a unique and original top tier tank.



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