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Q & A 27. 5. 2016

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  • Q. The new technical display is slightly irritating. Subjectively – it takes up too much space on the right and the colours of icons I am unaccustomed to distract me.
    A. In the settings you can return to the old form of technical display.
  • Q. Missions no longer disappear automatically. What’s with it?
    A. Nothing. I’ll check it out.
  • Q. I am curious about that green vertical strip in the upper left corner.A. It’s your ping in hangar.
  • Q. Can the old carousel be returned to the hangar?
    A. Carousel did not change, only the filter. What should return?
  • Q. What does a bright blue plus sign with number below the nickname mean? What is that?
    A. Personal reserves.
  • Q. Tell us about a new spotting system, is it postponed? Or will it roll out soon? ASAP?
    A. There won’t be a new one. We will revise the old one.
  • Q. On the minimap, there’s a tank displayed as alive – there is an ELC being shown, even though it’s dead.A. Indeed. Now I understand. Thank you.
  • Q. Landslide wins and defeats! I want to hear the developer’s reply, whether some work is being done, at least not to correct it, but what about the analysis? Where did it come from, why does it happen, how to fight it?
    A. I especially ordered the statistics on the average time of the battle, the lifetime of the players and amount of the tanks remaining at the end of the battle for the last 4 years. The theory that there “have been less landslide losses in the past” failed miserably. The statistics don’t show this in any way. The situation has been the same for 4 years now. You may consider this an official response.
  • Q. Different, unrelated to each other, players write about landslide losses.
    A. But for example, different, unrelated to each other, players write to me that IS-6 after the HD remake is shit now. However, this is not supported by a careful analysis. What to do?
  • Q. Well, it’s similar to the reversed situation: people write that it got significantly worse – but the statistics don’t confirm it, numbers, here they are,everything fine as far as you can see. But players always whine.
    A. Players always whine. That’s true. Without any jokes. And to distinguish whine from the real issues – that’s a difficult, tedious and long task, unfortunately.
  • Q. Most likely, the number of increased landslide losses is on Erlenberg and similar maps.
    A. We included individual maps in the analysis.
  • Q. You checked the average time of the fight, not landslide losses. People don’t write you about the total time of the fight. You’ve looked at the wrong sample.
    A. And here you can see what I wrote about above.
  • Q. “… statistics on the average time of the battle, the lifetime of the players and amount of the tanks remaining at the end of the battle for the last 4 years…” There is nothing like that.
    A. The teams with fast battle duration (2, 3, 4, 5 minutes) – they are very similar.
  • Q. Storm, you need statistics on the number of fights in which 10+ players of one team died after 2 – 4 minutes, when the number of living players of the other team at the moment was 13+. This is called landslide loss.
    A. It’s “The teams with fast battle duration (2, 3, 4, 5 minutes).”
  • Q. There are personal missions to kill tanks two tiers higher. And now you introduced fines for difference in the platoon tiers. This is genius!
    A. Haven’t you heard about +/- 2 MM?
  • Q. The problem with lighting contour of an enemy tank won’t go away: the rendering disappears, then it appears again in a loop.
    A. The bug has been confirmed by other information sources.
  • Q. I am sad there are no session statistics – the total number of wins / fights per day, earned silver / experience per day.
    O. Despite the apparent usefulness and necessity, this is one of the biggest demotivators in the game with lots of losses. We decided on not implementing it to the client because of that.
  • Q. And when long series of victories happen, on the contrary, you just want to play and play, this is a good motivation to continue when you don’t have time. Here, too, you have a coin with two sides.
    A. A long series of victories gives you adrenaline to continue even without statistics. But loss streaks are better not shown to losing players.
  • Q. Thank you for the arty. Now if you have the reticle completely aimed it almost never flies in the center. Always on the edge.
    A. This is a standard whine.
  • Q. In 9.15 in the client -14. Bug or unannounced nerf of premium tanks?
    A. Different rounding of fractions.
  • Q. -15 ° – is the historical value. It is stated as such in publicly available documents. Where did you get the fractions?
    A. I will check for this.
  • Q. On the sand maps (Sandy River and Airfield), the client hangs at the last % of battle loading bar. From mods I have only XVM and reticle and today I downloaded nightly build of XVM – still crashing and only on these cards.
    A. 99 % problems with running maps is caused by mods. Try launching without them.



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