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Q & A 22. 5. 2016

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Transcript with Publishing Producer Konstantin Soldatov on Wargaming.FM program “In zemlyanka”

  • “Sandbox” will arrive in June
  • 9.15 will be released on Tuesday, May 24 (TL note: This is for RU, EU day later)
  • The fact that on the test everyone shoots gold is not good, maybe there will be some changes
  • The Waffentrager auf E-100 replacement is the last branch change before the global rebalance
  • Football this summer?
    I do not know, stay tuned!
  • The Domination replacement won’t happen in the near future
  • the second season of personal missions is planned, but hard to tell when. In it we will try to avoid all the mistakes we made in the first season
  • Identification of the mods (certification) – it’s one of the possible implementations to combat illicit modifications, we are working on it this year
  • Marathon won’t happen
  • Bonus for “tanking” has been postponed
  • Bonuses for medals – there are talks, but nothing more. Generally the award is a memorabilia
  • Bug with clan cammo will come, but not in 9.15, there’s no time
  • Return of Waffentrager E-100 is not planned, not even reworked
  • No buff for Löwe is planned
  • There is a solution to Mortar mod, in 9.15 there’s no time for it, but it will get fixed later
  • Wheeled vehicles are not planned
  • FV215b was planned to be replaced by the Chieftain, but hasn’t happened yet



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