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Q & A 12. 5. 2016

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More catching up

  • Q. What time frame can we expect for the new sandbox server?
    A. I can’t name any dates, but the details about it should come pretty soon, I think.
  • Q. Vladimir Pankov said “sandbox” – it’s a rebalance, is it for low tier tanks or how should I understand it?
    A. Sandbox is the test server.
  • Q. Why does KV-2 have higher pen than O-I and O-Ho, it’s not fair.
    A. Because the Japanese have armor, while the KV-2 doesn’t.
  • Q. Is there a plan during rebalance to change the maximum of the random gameplay, or vice versa, to make the game for more luck-dependent? I know it’s mentioned often, but is it possible you’ll remove the +- 25% of alpha, and unpredictable penetration? Can the normal ammo be no longer eaten by tracks? And can they not fly under the tank.
    A. Randomness is good. The problem of the game is not the + -25% range.
  • Q. With the balance 2.0 coming, will T32 stop suffering from low penetration?
    A. He is not suffering.
  • Q. What about this
    A. Photoshop.
  • Q. A question about 8.8 L/56, you said that APCR will get 191 penetration and it’s not in 9.15. In the test the L/56 has 200 penetration.
    A. It’s there – the Czechoslovak one has 200 penetration, the rest 171.
  • Q. How is the department in which you work? Questions will be more substantive.
    A. You just do not give it anything, I work in R & D, the position of Special Projects Expert.
  • Q. Equipment, BiA, ventilation, does it buff the guny accuracy directly? That is, can we assume that a weapon with an accuracy of 0.35 with the use of all of the above will be around 0.33? Or does only stabilization and reduction get buffed?
    A. All is improved.
  • Q. Can there be 4 – 5 men platoons? I just have a lot of friends and all want to play.
    A. There will be no such platoons, 5 can play CBs.
  • Q. A long time ago we had some fun tank models , such as T-35, Neubaufahrzeug, FCM 2C, FCM F1, etc. The internet was full of their screenshots. But in the game, they never appeared. Why? Is it the multiple turrets or can’t you balance them or don’t know where to put them?
    A. Stem engines are not needed.
  • Q. Yesterday there came the portal news about the imminent start of “the balance of the test 2.0.” The test will be on request. Do you know what criteria will be used? Do I have a chance with my 29k and 56% (21 top) to get to the test or will you recruit 45% tomatoes?
    A. The selection criteria are not known to me. But logically there should be representatives of all categories of players.
  • Q. There are some useless achievements, some of which are hard and some are very hard, but there are no rewards for them. Are there any plans to give some kind of reward (tanks / customization / premium) for achievements such as “Expert” / “Senior Mechanical Engineer,” etc? You could give “T-22 Str” for them.
    A. There are some ideas about rewards for such achievements.
  • Q. Regarding artilleries, will it get completely changed in the concept of the game? And will it get rebalanced along with the other classes or separately?
    A. It will get changed towards lower toxicity and greater predictability, global rebalance will happen along.
  • Q. Which is the better tank on tier 6 KV-2 or O-I?
    O. O-I.



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