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New Representation of Technical Characteristics

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In the new version, players will be able to select the display format of technical characteristics: in the game settings players can select either the previous display format or the new one: open the game settings and check/uncheck the Display Simple Technical Characteristics in Garage option:

Simple Technical Characteristics – logically grouped advanced vehicle parameters. There are five groups in total: Firepower, Survivability, Mobility, Concealment, and Recon.

  • Firepower – the group of technical characteristics that describe the gun and aiming parameters. It consists of, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Standard Shell Damage
    • Standard Shell Penetration
    • Rate of Fire
    • Gun Reload Time
    • Gun Traverse Speed
    • Gun Elevation/Depression Angles
    • Aiming Time
    • Dispersion at 100 m
    • Average Damage per Minute
  • Survivability – the group of technical characteristics that describe vehicle combat qualities which increase its survivability in battle:
    • Number of vehicle durability points
    • Hull Armor
    • Turret Armor
  • Mobility – the group of technical characteristics that describe vehicle mobility:
    • Weight/Load Limit
    • Engine Power
    • Specific Power (engine power/weight ratio)
    • Speed Limit
    • Traverse Speed
  • Concealment – the characteristic that describes the effectiveness of vehicle concealment:
    • Concealment of a Motionless Vehicle (before and after firing)
    • Concealment of a Moving Vehicle (before and after firing)
  • Recon – the group of technical characteristics that describe the View Range and Signal Range:
    • View Range
    • Signal Range

Each group of technical characteristics has a rating that indicates the effectiveness of each vehicle aspect.

Dynamic Technical Characteristics

Dynamic technical characteristics are particular parameters that can change their value depending on mounted equipment, level of the Major Qualification achieved by the crew members, trained Perks and Skills, particular types of Consumables, etc. Changes to the technical characteristics will be displayed in the Garage. For example, once all crew members train the Brothers in Arms perk, you will be able to see the effect it has upon the technical characteristics of the vehicle.

Tooltips for modules/additional equipment will also change. They will display not only information about the module/additional equipment, but also changes in technical characteristics that will occur after mounting the module/equipment. Now you will be informed about which of the characteristics will be affected after mounting the Improved Ventilation or food consumables.

In addition to the dynamic technical characteristics, the tooltips will display new information. For example, shell tooltips now contain information about armor-piercing capacity at a distance.


Vehicle Preview Mode

The preview mode allows players to view new vehicles before purchasing them, not only in terms of their technical characteristics but the vehicle itself: this means a preview of unpurchased vehicles in the Garage. The preview window can be opened from the Tech Tree and the Armory.

In the preview mode players will be able to view the vehicle and browse its technical characteristics in different configurations (top/stock gun, etc.).

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