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Q & A 29. 4. 2016

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  • What about “climbing” on house walls/stones?
    This will stay for now
  • Will the Grille 15 crew have their skills reset?
    AFAIK, no
  • It’s very important to implement ground resistance and stabilization parameters into the client, since you already have disclosed new ones; it would be more comfortable to see them directly in the client instead of going to some site
    Yes, it’s needed
  • Can you please state what changed in technical characteristics compared to the supertest?
    Nothing really, except for the changes to T54 Lightweight
  • It seems that in 9.15 voice announcement of shell type change wasn’t implemented, is it at least in some ASAP state? It’s annoying to do hits with an unexpected HE shell
    To be honest, it doesn’t have any state whatsoever
  • It’s sad that there is no collision model preview, I hoped that there would be some kind of mod-like implementation
    Will come later
  • If you don’t want to implement standard battle tiers for LT’s, it would be good to make an exception for them
    It will stay as it is for now
  • Is this a hint that LT will be stretched to tier 10 and get standard battle tiers?
    No comment
  • Huge minus point for the T54 Lightweight nerf!
    It was canceled
  • Additional XP/penalty for platoons is this a kind of fail-platoon prevention?
    Yeah, in this direction
  • Platoon XP bonus, how much exactly? 5… 10… 20 percent?
    Additional info will come with patch release; bonus XP will only be recieved by tanks of the same tier in the platoon, if there is a difference of 3 or more tiers, there will be a penalty
  • 9.20… 9.40… any explanation on numbering?
    No changes here yet
  • Any tier of tier 8 – 10 HT buffs in 9.15?
    Nothing certain yet, and we’re only talking tier 9 – 10, tier 8 is fine
  • Any KV-220 buffs? Maybe the historical 100 mm on the turret?
    Nothing, and even if, there would be a nerf, since the tank is kind of imbalanced
  • Any possibility to recieve the T-22 after 9.15? Buying as premium or on any event?
  • Any changes to HE hit sounds?
    There’s no difference to AP hits nothing changed
  • What about FV4005? Any tanks that could replace it?
  • What about FV215b 183?
    Also no
  • Any plans on a game mode instead of domination, where one can drive his tier 8 – 9 without damaging his statistics?
    Not for now
  • Any possibility of fixing the client freezing on the Fisherman’s Bay map in 9.15?
    A very high one, in fact
  • Old premiums are slowly but steadily farming less and less only
    In conspiraionist reality, but in real life they don’t
  • Any theoretical chance that due to testing, the Waffle will not be replaced by Grille?
  • There was info that modmakers will recieve tools to work with the new sounds, anything on this point?
    Info should come a bit later
  • Maybe you want to make all premiums older than 2 years a bit cheaper? Why only the 112? For example, all smartphones are becoming cheaper
    If we decide that it’s needed, we’ll do it, but such decisions are not my part, anyway
  • A majority of players should see a FPS increase
  • 9.15 is one of the more serious patches regarding optimization
  • All 88/L56 guns were buffed
  • A tank carousel with multiple rows is missing
    It will come
  • I like all the novelties, except for the penalty for solo players
    There are no penalties
  • If I see correctly, a bonus will be received by all platoon members depending on the vehicle tier, and a platoon of MT9 + LT8 would be considered as a non-eligible platoon?
    Yes, you understood correctly
  • What happens for example to a platoon of 1+4+4 (tiers)? Any percentages on this?
    Nothing happens, the difference is not more than 3 tiers, but no bonus because there are tanks of a different tier
  • About the cap indicator (number of players): black numbers merge with the environment, you should use white only and white does not?
    There are also white backgrounds, you know?
  • So, what about the T54 Light now?
    Nothing, believe me, the changes were cancelled altogether, no parameters will be changed
  • When the switch to the new engine happens, will it be called Kore? Or did the switch happen already?
    There’s not quite a complete switch, it’s more like we change it gradually, the final changes should happen during the next two patches
  • What about the client weight (size)? will it become smaller?
    Sadly, no, there won’t be less content by the way, you can clean the contents of the “Update” folder without problems
  • Does the improved render work only on DX11 or on DX9 too?
    Unsure, has to be clarified
  • Any penalties for bot usage?
    Yes: bans
  • Will the Pz V/IV have battle tiers 5 – 7?
    No, reduced ones
  • What about the E-25? It’s clear that it is imbalanced!
    According to statistics, it isn’t that imbalanced, and it’s also a premium vehicle
  • Why the discrimination against solo players?
    No discrimination, bonus XP will only be received by tanks of the same tier in a platoon
  • What about penalties for AFK’ers?
    They get penalties for a long time already
  • What gun is mostly used on the Japanese O-Ho?
    I don’t have such information right now



One thought on “Q & A 29. 4. 2016

  1. I see light tanks getting removed form the game soon. Or getting even worse MM.


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