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WoWs 0.5.5 patch info

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Sub_Octavian and other developers answered quite a lot of question in the 0.5.5. thread. Source

  • Developers think that experienced players will like the new short range torpedoes and won’t lose their effectiveness. The changes aren’t targeting IJN DD’s or their captains but the mindless long range torpedo spam that some players were doing blindly. Such tactics shouldn’t be efficient.
  • There are several elements missing from the patch notes, such as Ishizuchi and Izumo buff, Russian DD’s buff (concealment and torps for low-tier, chance of fire for high-tier), a decrease in rudder and engines incapacitation duration for all ships, interface improvements and many more. They will all be included in the release patch notes.
  • The number of maps with the new weather effects is still limited. Only one map, North, has gameplay changing weather (reduced visibility). For Ocean, Salomon Islands, Break, Big Race, New Dawn, Atlantic, Fault Line, Ice Islands, Two Brothers, Land of Fire, Split (?), Mountain Range, Land of Volcanoes and Trap, the weather changes will occur at the start of the battle.
  • CV sniping was bad for everyone. A team that loses a CV at the start of the battle – it’s bad. AA specialized cruisers that stay behind to protect their CV’s without supporting the rest of the team – also bad. These changes are not buffs to CV’s, but a buff to all players’ gameplay.
  • New Matchmaker is still in development (will be released in one of the following updates).
  • Ishizuchi buffs: her rudder and engines will be protected against being knocked out by splash damage; reload rate increased.
  • New burning effect (can be disabled)
  • They consider that the rework of high tier IJN torps doesn’t justify a free captain respec.
  • Atlanta’s buffs consist only of increased turret survivability for now. Additional buffs will come later.
  • New shells visuals are planned:
  • New ranked season details are still being discussed. It will be released as soon as possible though.
  • Armor visualisation will come in 2-3 major updates. Not guaranteed though.
  • In the gameplay weather map, planes will be visible only at 3km.


Redditor iku_19 found some more interesting information:

Game Parameter changes

  • Shell models
  • Health increased for most artillery turrets
  • AI enhancements (will now focus targets down)
  • Engine repair time has been reduced to 60 seconds
  • Rudder repair time has been reduced to 40 seconds
  • New Death animations which change depending on if you died from: fire, shelling, torpedoes, detonation, or if you’ve sunk while beached
  • Firing detection penalty of: Storojevoy, Derzky, Izyaslav has been reduced by 1km, 3km torpedo’s range increased by 1km
  • Profintern’s manoeuvrability got changed (buffed?)
  • Kirov has an additional superstructure hitbox
  • 610mm Type 93. Model 3 exp cost has been reduced to 30,000, purchase cost has been reduced to 2,500,000
  • 610mm Type 93. Model 2 exp cost has been reduced to 20,000, purchase cost has been reduced to 1,800,000
  • 610mm Type 93. Model 1 exp cost has been reduced to 24,000, purchase cost has been reduced to 2,200,000
  • 610mm Type 90. Model 1 exp cost has been reduced to 18,500, purchase cost has been reduced to 1,600,000
  • one of Fubuki’s hulls (1943, probably C hull) exp cost has been reduced to 16,500, credit cost to 1,400,000
  • one of Kagero’s hulls (1941, probably B hull) exp cost has been reduced to 21,000, credit cost to 1,600,000
  • one of Kagero’s hulls (1945, probably C hull) exp cost has been reduced to 26,000, credit cost to 2,000,000
  • Izumo’s stock shells are gone, now has the same shells for every hull.
  • Ishizuchi’s shot delay has been reduced to 25 seconds (was 30)
  • Hakuryuu, Taihou, Shokaku, get defensive fire
  • Type 93 Model 2 (Shim’s upgraded) visibility has been increased to 1.9km, distance reduced to 12km
  • Type 93 Model 1 (Shim’s stock) visibility has been increased to 2.5km, speed reduced to 62kt
  • Hermelin’s range got increased to 8.57km
  • Building data added????
    • 1 AA building
    • 4 Coastal Artillery buildings
    • 1 “Sensor Tower” building
    • 3 generic buildings
  • Military Month Contributor flag added
  • Pensacola’s armor model changed, seems like buffs mostly.
  • Midway, Essex, Lexington got defensive fire
  • US 8in55 Mark 14 Model 1 artillery’s armor model is changed, probably buffs
  • Molotov and Texas changed to “special” ships (was “event” ships, meaning that in PT you might get them to test)
  • Fubuki’s, Kagero’s and Shimakaze’s added torpedoes reload faster. – Fubuki’s torps reload in 100 seconds, Kagero and Shimakaze both reload in 150 seconds– however this is not the case for the new torps.
  • Fubuki’s new Ibuki torps reload in 90 seconds (10 seconds faster)
  • Kagero’s new Zao torps reload in 104 seconds (46 seconds faster)
  • Shimakaze’s new Zao torps reload in 131 seconds (19 seconds faster)
  • The AA consumable carriers get only increases the AA power by 75% for IJN carriers, and 25% for USN carriers, as opposed to the 200-300% increase cruisers get.

Text changes

  • Forts added (buildings, see above)
  • Armor viewer
  • ???? msgid "IDS_ASSIGN_PRIMARY" & msgstr "To appoint the main" ????
  • The ship parameter viewer in game (the sidebar under the ship icon) can now display: Aura type (long, mid, short range)
  • Custom crosshair selection
  • More keybind/control settings relating to the freecam
  • Freecam presets
  • New gamemode; Bastion
  • Ability to select how many rows the carousel has
  • Ability to sell modernizations (maybe without selling the ship?)
  • Spectator settings (Camera + switch player key)
  • Audio settings (Wide dynamic range, gunfire volume)
  • ??? msgid "IDS_OPTIONS_START_BATTLE_TPS" & msgstr "Always start a fight with the maximum receding" ????
  • New camouflages: Indianapolis, Ranger, New York, Flint, Cleveland, Black, and more but i’m too lazy to shift through 3 MB of text for specifics.
  • Indianapolis, Flint, and Black preload
  • Cimarron recycled to be used in tutorial missions
  • Basketball Event Camos renamed:
    • German Layup -> Nothing But Net
    • American Alley-Oop -> Salty Slam Dunk
    • Russian Nothing but Net -> Anchors Aweigh Alley-Oop
    • Japanese Slam Dunk -> Leeward Layup
  • German Battleship Artillery preload (again)
  • Bismarck data is back
  • Plane names added, probably for in-match purposes
  • New Ribbon: “Suppressed” (Bastion)
  • 2 point domination renamed to Standard battle (to avoid confusion)
  • Ability to view both the external and internal armor
  • Ability to view the torpedo defence
  • Ability to see shell speed
  • Ability to see torpedo visibility
  • Ability to see ship visibility while: firing secondaries, on fire, engine boost (it’s still +0 in the game data don’t worry,) and firing main caliber
  • Ability to show up to 3 rows in the carousel
  • Ability to pin ships as “main ships,” will show first in the carousel
  • Dynamic horizontal scale option for crosshairs
  • WG CEO/Founder added to the game? msgid "IDS_V_KISLYI" & msgstr "Victor Kislyi"



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