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Storm mini digest 11. 4. 2016

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  • To implement Strv 103 developers will need to create a special control and aiming scheme, as its tools of trade are “sewn in” the hull. If they manage to implement the Swedes, it is possible that they will implement E-10 and top tier Japanese tanks will be remade
  • Personal mission double fire mission will change
  • There is an idea to abolish the overmatch rule of three calibers for roofs of heavy tanks such as IS-4 and T34
  • Object 268 won’t be replaced
  • Specialized modes (such as 8-bit tanks, Football, etc.) do not stay in the game due to the fact that all of this would be difficult to maintain
  • 15th missions for Object 260 won’t change
  • Rebalance will not be only about T-22 sr., but about other tanks lacking in statistics, too
  • Matchmaker is being remade “from scratch”
  • The changes in 9.15 will be revolutionary
  • Province is very bad for beginners. Even if nobody really likes Mittengard, it is still better for them
  • LTs improved in all parameters after the new physics were added: in spot damage, in damage, in driven kilometers



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