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Daily Q & A 30. 3. 2016

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Storm answers:

  • Is there any news about Chieftain? I really want to see this tank in the hangar.
    “For now not.”
  • And about Foch too?
    “What about Foch?”
  • When will we have E 50M, on E 75 in HD?
    “It’s fairly close already.”
  • Will there be a machine gun on E 50M to make its silhouette dfiferent from E 50?
    “I don’t know anything about this. It most likely won’t be added.”
  • Foch 155 is a bit “eh”
    “If it’s just a bit, then it maybe doesn’t matter? We won’t be working on certain tanks now, we will only rework extreme cases. We are working on more general things now.”
  • Is this about rebalancing all classes? I’ve never seen a problem with them. Heavies tank, TDs stay in bushes, Lights drive around and Mediums do a bit of everything. Can you share some details about what the developers are not satisfied with?
    “It’s not just about this. We are also considering reworking some of the more commonly mentioned issues in mechanics and parameters. But for now I can’t talk about it more. Wait for the official information.”
  • On Maus there’s not the fuel tank, even though you spent hundreds of millions polygons on its springs.
    “It was not implemented for gameplay reasons. It’s not necessary to add stuff that will seem like you can hit the tank, that will give the enemy no damage.”
  • When will the patch for the keys come? It’s incredibly annoying.
    “The keys are offended! The patch will come (if it’s a question about the Esc / Enter keys not working).”
  • Will there be a progress in personal missions counter? So I don’t have to use mods?
    “Maybe. But no promises.”
  • What about artillery rework? How about giving it a different aiming mechanism? (TL note – this is from other sources, the VK site left it out, probably by mistake)
    “I can’t say anything about it now. Let’s put it this way – the idea makes sense. On the other hand, it’s not possible, because it’s impossible to invent another aiming mechanism, which would be playable, wouldn’t break mods and third-party programs and at the same time it wouldn’t unreasonably complicate the aiming. We tried – nothing reasonable came up.
    We are reworking the arty, but without changing the aiming mechanics. To sum it up – the work on the artillery is underway. Expect official details (or leaks from tests, as usually).”
  • I’ve recently seen, that when you try to help a turned over ally by ramming its side or roof, you can get banned. This is of course the most usual method of helping. Will it be corrected somehow? It is possible to distinguish ally ram without cause and with an aim to get him back on the tracks?
    “This is impossible to distinguish. It will be necessary to implement a special mechanism to get back on tracks.”
  • By the way, about the behavior of the tanks upon meeting the rocks, mountains. Will you do something about it? And then there is kung fu is.
    “That’s too general question.”
  • Do you plan to introduce side personal missions such as: “Defend the castle and get 100 XP”?
    “As far as I know, there are no such plans.”
  • AI bots? PvE content? 7×7 randomly fights? 10×10?
    “The “questions for developers” are elsewhere. These are the questions that can only be answered by official press channels. Otherwise they will cause confusion and hysteria. Please, understand that the information of this level / scale has not been disclosed in these areas.”



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