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Q & A 28. 3. 2016


  • turning over a tank in the game is much harder than in real life. It was specifically done that way
  • the mass of the tanks is correct
  • the issue where during the fight at some point you can’t press the buttons “Esc” and “Enter” will soon be fixed
  • balancing teams by skill in the random battles won’t be implemented, that’s for sure
  • specific information about the planned changes will be released directly before the release of the particular patch where the change will happen
  • profitability of premium tanks wasn’t changed, otherwise it would have been written in the patchnotes
  • Tier 10 UK TD FV4005 Stage II will not change in the near future

  • the option of replacing Lorraine 40 t with Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP was discussed, but the final decision has not yet been taken
  • problems with frozen image in the game are most likely connected to a specific configuration / drivers / configuration
  • reversing of tanks on slopes was nerfed only on the major ones. There is no need at all to add the new maneuvers to the reverse
  • there is more polygon “content” in the new model HD technology. More than other game developers use due to limits. And WG still uses it
  • regarding lamps, which are on some of the tanks – the desired amount of transparency is difficult to balance

  • the new game client, now being tested, will have advanced filters. As for the tank carousel, displaying tanks in several rows – it won’t all be at once
  • some time ago in the game the artillery was better and its parameters have been much better
  • developers do not say that the situation regarding artillery is now normal and that it does not need to be corrected, rather something in between
  • changes of the maps in the patch 0.9.15 are not planned

  • Storm: “It’s not a bug – it’s a feature. The platforms had “ramps” near them, so tanks didn’t get “stuck” at the step. It was used in the old physics, in the new one it makes sense to remove them.” “You just need to remove the platform’s collision for the ramp.” “You don’t need to model anything new.” “It wasn’t a problem before.” “Do not forget about priorities.”
  • premium tanks aren’t slightly buffed or nerfed every patch
  • developers have a negative attitude toward the game forbidden modifications, yet have not yet said anything regarding dealing with them, there is a reason for that
  • yet no plans for an British TT 7 Black Prince is not level. Storm: “I, despite the fact that I “don’t play” the tanks, brawled through the British heavies, by the way. The tank is great.”
  • there are no comments on new tanks / branches. There are all kinds of changes in the release plans, as long as there is nothing certain, developers can’t say anything
  • SPGs won’t be rebalanced in patch 0.9.15, but later
  • there were no quiet nerf of profitability of premium tanks on tiers 5 – 6 in 2011
  • Storm: “Patchnotes are not done by a robot.”



3 thoughts on “Q & A 28. 3. 2016

  1. Just a small question. How do you translate them? Google translate?

    Posted the q&a too btw (for cross-checking).


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