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“Free” premium time from WoWp

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The next patch (1.9.4) comes with an interesting feature, making tokens for daily missions and medals, which can then be exchanged for premium time or hangar slots.

Full patch notes:

Important parts:

  • Award for completing daily missions with the aircraft of all Tiers changed. Now it depends on the mission difficulty and ranges from 1 to 3 tokens.
  • Epic Achievements (each for 1 token once a day):
    • Gorovets Medal
    • Rudorffer Medal
    • Clostermann Medal
    • Zvonarev Medal
    • Gabreski Medal
    • Akamatsu Medal
    • McGuire Medal
    • Efimov Medal
  • Service Awards (each for 1 token once a day):
    • Ace
    • Destroyer
    • Thunder
  • Price for purchasing a slot in Hangar changed. Now it costs 18 tokens.
  • Option to sell the 2014–2015 holiday season consumables (Sparklers, Smoke Flare, and Fireworks).

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