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Daily Q & A 12. 3. 2016

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  • for new sounds there is a huge amount of positive feedback from the crowd, clearly more than the negative feedback
  • the difference between the sounds, for example Soviet 76 mm and German 75 mm gun, wasn’t present in the old engine. The new engine stayed the same, only added one more category for big caliber guns. That means the gun sound diversity didn’t decrease and it will be broadened.
  • work on the Havok engine is not currently a priority. But even without it there will be new interesting features
  • bug with allied tank traveling through the airis very likely a connection problem
  • opinions vary a lot regarding the music. That is always the case, though, music is very subjective
  • 45 mm gun of MS-1 was left in place
  • the order of the shell types assigned to the buttons can be reset only when the tank is completely replaced. So usually the position should stay.
  • on the T-60, a straight sheet of armour on the bottom right side of the LFP was modelled in a bad angle, it was already fixed
  • there was a question about the smoke, the developers did not want to comment at all
  • minimalistic hangar without details will not consume resources
  • no penetration against T29 turret by 120 – 122 mm guns (according to the rule of three calibers) wasn’t implemented, there is no exception
  • for new sounds there were first polls on supertest, then polls on each general test, they were on the forums and there were directly addressed questionnaires in the mail. According to the results it was decided whether to release or not
  • the size of the window with settings (640×480 pixels) necessarily needs to change
  •  IS-6 HD model, because of its diamond shape design, suffers from getting ammo rack damaged often. This is apparently normal, same as before. The lower surface f the angled surfaces is visible.
  • arties will get a rebalance
  • progress of work on the spall liner update – it’s in the works
  • space key is now assigned to the tank braking. But it would be better to make a pop-up to ask the player to change the key in the settings in this case
  • proposal to add another circle to the minimap, to display the firing range (for machine guns and several arties where it’s important) is discussed
  • British ACS Sexton moves faster due to the nature of the new physics. Light tanks became much faster in those cases where the engine allows it
  • complaints about the low speed of the reverse  for LTs will be checked
  • in this case it is recommended to update the video card drivers
  • Storm: “It was always like this.”

Source: (left out one answer, since it was tied to Russian interface and confusion between abbreviations of “min-ute” and “min-imum”)


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