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Q & A 11. 2. 2016

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  • Storm: “There will be more balance fixes, but everyone has their own view at balance and everything will be taken controversially”
  • as for the buff of the Chinese tier 8 premium, 112, it’s not yet decided, devs are working on more general things
  • the balance is seriously worked upon, but for now there aren’t any details
  • all the flaws in the IS-6 HD remodel should be balanced by some gains
  • the Soviet T-60 armor is worse in some points, better in others, and significantly. It got worse in the bottom right of the UFP and the right cheek of the turret
  • T34 roof armour got buffed a bit. It was brought to pre-HD state
  • to make a choice between the old and the new sound schemes in the client is technically impossible due to the completely changed sound engine
  • WG has employees who have served on the tanks, they heard the sound of tank guns live
  • you can choose national language localization in the launcher
  • exhaust fumes, which decrease FPS, can be disabled by decreasing effects quality
  • for the premium hangar to not eat resources and stop warming the video card, it is advised to enable vertical sync in the game client preferences
  • more sights will come in future patches
  • clock won’t get added to garage
  • introduction of damage log is being considered
  • showing HP on the minimap by pressing Alt keys is not discussed
  • profitability in the Dominance mode has not changed
  • the fact that you can’t turn off the sound for critical hits and sixth sense is not a bug, it’s intended
  • soon there will be so many client settings that it might equal Windows
  • HD model of theBat.-Châtillon 155 58 won’t come in patch 9.15



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