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Q & A 5. 2. 2016

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  • developers say that at the moment, the Rampage mode has the same profitability (or loss) as playing random battles
  • WG company has its own analysis of why the Rampage mode didn’t receive more interest among the players
  • developers agree with players’ opinion that in the Rampage mode you have an advantage with fast autoloader tanks
  • about changes in the mechanics of crew skills: nothing has been decided yet, WG focused on more pressing issues
  • there was a wish of some of the players to add Airstrike and Arty strike from the Rampage mode to random battles, but WG says many will disagree. It would “multiply” the arties in random battles
  • there won’t be a decrease in the number of maps; there will be reworking that will allow the players with a large number of battles to play on lots of maps
  • the information that appeared on the internet that Havok is abandoned is fake
  • there will be no servers without SPGs
  • the idea to give T49 LT its historical armaments was not even considered
  • on the introduction of LT tier 10 to the game – no-one revisited that. Simply said, it’s not the topic of the day
  • reduction of experience and income to those who did nothing in the battle is not considered
  • as for the current perk redesign, there is nothing solid yet, only the overall concept. There were a few ideas, but nothing final yet
  • there’s nothing like a “Happy customer” department in WG
  • change to +/-1 MM does nothing. Such change is possible only for low tiers, to introduce them to the game easier. Beyond that, this option wasn’t seriously considered
  • the replacement of the British T10 HT FV215b has been completely decided and announced repeatedly, the only question is when will it be removed / replaced
  • the information that it’s impossible to rollback a patch – regarding the accuracy spread change – is nonsense
  • until end of February, there will be no testing regarding SPGs – still no final decision about what to do with them
  • new physics and sound will not be in another test, but in this release
  • there won’t be any more patches with a flashy names, like “Rubicon”
  • there has been no work or even testing regarding Anti-Tank Missiles



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