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WoT and WoWs information

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Type59 is going to be be sold again – but only for WoT Blitz.

KV-4 KTTS is intended to be a reward tank.

M56 Scorpion wasn’t added to the premium shop, because: “Marketing dept has plans with it.”

Developers are aware people have been asking for a Premium American TD for quite some time in order to train crews.

Multiturret support, it will be long before it gets implemented: “Benefits for are too few, far and wide,” so it won’t come until it’s one of the final features ever planned.

Despite what people think, Czech tanks aren’t copies of Russian tanks. Their line in fact, closely resembles German prototypes more, but is a line of its own.

Happy moment for brazilian tankers, a modded chaffee will be added as a premium (will use American crews), 90 mm cannon and more potent engine.

Arty rebalance may include certain artillery pieces being removed, the WTE-100 replacement will come before the arty rebalance.

Asked a developer privately “Japanese heavies will be object of rage against arty, they are big, if you can’t stand the idea of getting shot because of your size, save your keyboard from a smashing fit of fury and don’t play them, they are very hard to play, but they have pretty powerful guns for their tier, and have plenty of armor unlike the TOG II*.”


German Tirpitz will be implemented as a premium soon, it sports all a battleship ever has, including spotting planes and torpedoes.

WoWs has been, overall, very successful, unlike WoWp and playerbase has been steadily increasing for good.

After Germany ships gets introduced, Russian ones will follow, British ones are already investigated and will be made after Russian ones.

Planned trees include France as well.

Submarines are already being discussed by developers, but won’t come anytime in a foreseeable future. So it’s likely they won’t come before 2017, if ever.



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