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Q & A 18. 8. 2015

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Current TSAA anti-aliasing will be fixed, developers will not implement another one from scratch just because there are issues with it.

Storm is not sure whether the programmers tried to experiment with MSAA anti-aliasing.

The Maus buff: “Let me put it like this – it’s a proof of concept experiment to see what it will do with statistics.”

T110E3 in HD is better armored than it was in SD according to Storm.

Japanese tier 9 and 10 heavies have correct ammo rack hitpoint count – it corresponds to other vehicles of same class and same tier.

T-54 model rework?
“When it’s done it’s done.”

Storm regarding introducing OP tanks: “Want to have an imbalanced tank? Go play another game.”

Confirmed: T49 is slighly behind in statistics.



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